Available Trainings

The DDPE certificate program is a four-part certification program designed to immerse participants in a variety of public engagement philosophies and models.  Bringing together researchers and practitioners from across the globe through videoconferencing, this class is ideal for any professional with public engagement responsibilities.

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Facilitation Workshop:

The eighth ICDD Facilitation Workshop will be offered at K-State from Monday, March 3 to Wednesday, March 5, 2014, at the Alumni Center.

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This workshop is designed to help participants increase skills and confidence to:

  • Plan and lead public meetings
  • Moderate discussions of complex problems
  • Guide groups to mutually acceptable decisions
  • Anticipate and manage conflict before it becomes a problem
  • Convene participants around an issue
  • Conduct grass-roots asset based planning

The ICDD Facilitation Workshop is designed for people that work with : 

  • Extension
  • non-profits,
  • community organizations,
  • libraries (Read more here)
  • Educators and administrators
  • government

Workshop Topics:

  • How to set up public forums
The role of the facilitator
  • Facilitation values
  • Best practices for facilitators
  • Assessing public issue forums
  • Choosing an appropriate method for a public conversation
  • Practice and coaching sessions to develop individual facilitation skills



Facilitation of Public Decision Making
April 28 – 29, 2014
KSU Alumni Center

The Importance of Understanding Decision-Making Processes:
Want to make a change? Lets vote on it! Voting is a tool of democracy that, for many, has become a default process for decision-making. But voting leaves winners and losers.  What other decision-making processes might be employed to bring about a more sustainable or satisfying outcome?

In Kansas, the history of home rule has provided opportunity for citizens to participate in establishing local policy.  Yet, facilitators often find their bag of decision-making process tools very limited.

This workshop will explore a number of decision-making processes and examine which process may be most appropriate for different situations. Workshop instructors will introduce tools for establishing decision-making criteria and for exploring the implications of available options. Participants will be introduced to, and practice facilitating different group and public decision making processes.

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