Upcoming Events:

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Past Events:

Roundtable Discussion on the Declining Water Resource in Kansas

ICDD and K-State Research and Extension hosted a roundtable discussion at the Kansas State Fair on September 7th and 14th. The discussion included strategies to manage the Ogallala Aquifer resource and how to decide what action to take.

Kids Voting Kansas

On Tuesday Nov. 4, students enrolled in grades K-8 will participated in a presidential mock election at their schools. It began with a curriculum incorporated into the students’ social studies classes.  Students participated in activities and group discussions that encouraged them to use critical thinking skills. This curriculum provides a model of democracy that they can participate in with an authentic voting experience.

On election day polling booths were set up to create an authentic voting experience in each school.  Ballots can vary based on the grade level and can include the candidates and the current issue they support. They were able to place their ballot in the box and receive their “I Voted” sticker.  Ballots were collected and counted across the district and then results were released.

Monday March 3, 2014: Mental Health Forum
In partnership with the National Alliance on Mental Illness, ICDD hosted a public forum Monday, March 3, 2014, from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Kansas State University Alumni Center Banquet Room in Manhattan, Kan.  The forum consisted of an informational roundtable on mental health focused on increasing understanding and how to create community solutions.