K-State Innovation Project Is Finalist in National Academic Awards Competition

The Kansas Opportunity Innovation Network (KOIN) was recently chosen to receive the Award of Excellence at the University Economic Development Association’s annual conference.

 KOIN was named as a finalist in the University Economic Development Association’s annual national academic awards competition earlier this year, in the leadership and collaboration category. Additionally, the program received the Judge’s Award, a new reward recognizing work that is an exemplary example of university-based economic development.

KOIN was created to help rural Kansas communities and businesses become more competitive in the marketplace. It is the result of a partnership between K-State’s Advanced Manufacturing Institute (AMI) and the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration.

The University Economic Development Association’s annual Awards of Excellence recognize unique efforts by universities to support economic development in local communities. KOIN has been recognized as one of the top three contestants in the leadership and collaboration category.

Bradley Kramer, director of AMI, presented about KOIN at the University Economic Development Association’s annual summit in late October. Results were released shortly afterwards.

KOIN’s main goal, as listed on its website, is to “increase the number of globally competitive innovative products and services produced in rural and/or distressed Kansas communities and region.”

The project hopes to build networks which can provide ideas for growth and access to opportunities for small businesses, as well as increasing networking capacity, opportunity assessment, and access to possible partnerships. 

You can learn more about KOIN and AMI at about the Advance Manufacturing Institute at http://www.amisuccess.com and http://www.innovatekansas.org.

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